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I usually write most of my Thai restaurant reviews for other websites, but when I heard about a new restaurant in Bangkok, the Nakhon Ratchasima Thai Restaurant, I decided to check it out for myself. I thought I was writing about it because I have been thinking about eating sok lek chkelk since I first ate it in a Thai cafe in my hometown of Chiang Mai. It is better known for its fiery som tam (grilled meat) than kanom jeen (curry).

The typical dish in this place is sok lek chkelk, which may seem disgusting to Western tastes, but is considered a delicacy in Thailand. It is basically a piece of raw tripe from the stomach, doused with, or in some cases, a generous amount of cool blood.

Even if you don't eat sok lek, a must - try it at this restaurant with Mam Mam, and you'll also get kanom jeen noodles, or chicken curry, which simply means chicken and pasta dishes with a spicy curry sauce on top. One of the dishes you can order at almost any table in the restaurant is grilled chicken, usually served in the form of a grilled slice of pork, but you can also try it in other ways.

Kanom jeen khnmcchiin isbe, a kind of Icelandic sausage that is famous in Korat, and Mam hmam is one of the reasons why it is very rare in Bangkok, as it is very popular in Thailand's southern district of Isan.

Isbe as one of the best Thai dishes I have ever been served, and I got a lot, which is common at many Thai restaurants like this one.

If you are in Thailand, you can expect the Milk Queen to be recommended as one of the best restaurants in Suvarnabhumi. It is always full, so I say it is the cheapest restaurant in Suvarn. One of the few good, cheap places to eat Thai food I like is the Food Court Magic Food Point.

I managed to manage a Thai pimp who tends to charge 1,500 baht, so I got my share, but it's not cheap.

A typical meal set (e.g. a 60 Baht Tuk - Buk fare, which costs 40 Baht for a motorcycle) costs more than 320 Baht, while in central Bangkok such a set would cost no more than 130-BAHt. Motorcycle fares are generally 50 to 100 percent more expensive than cars, and the average fare for travelers who don't want to exchange Thai baht is 35 to 60 baht per court. Prices can range from 1,000 to 1,500 Baht (depending on the girls), or between 500 and 1,500 Baht.

Compared to most tourist towns in Thailand, this is very, very fair, and therefore the cheap restaurants listed below offer a cheaper alternative to the Khao Man Gai (kwitiyao) restaurants that abound in almost every street. In the U-Bar, for example, a Red Label 70CL costs 750 Baht, which is less than half the price of a typical menu in one of Thailand's most popular restaurants.

Other restaurants will be able to prepare a Thai meal for any reason, and there are many other Thai restaurants in the area, such as Gai Yang Saeng Thai, where juicy rotisserie birds are cooked, which are eaten on the footpath for 130 baht per person. Lab Som Phit (raanlaabsmphis) is a pretty good option if you eat raw meat and blood in Thailand. The excellent grilled chicken is in GAI YangSaeng (Thai), where a variety of juicy red birds are grilled, which are cooked on the footpath for 130 Baht per pop, but here, too, the starting price is usually 25 Baht. There is a range of different types of meat, from beef and pork to chicken and lamb, which are sold in a wide range of flavours and other types of meat and vegetables.

If you come to Laos, there are a few buses a day from Korat to Vientiane, and Lopburi takes 3 hours and costs B149, but if you take the Yamo area, you can take a 2-hour bus ride to the other side of the Mekong.

From Nakhon Ratchasima to Korat you have many opportunities to return to Bangkok and travel to the Northeast with all kinds of transportation and much more. From Nakhong you can take the Hwy304 to Wan Nam Keaw to visit Thap Lan National Park. In addition, this route can be used to travel from Phuket city to Thammasat in the northeast of the country and back. In Nikhon ratch asima you can take hwy224 to Chulalongkorn, the capital of the southernmost province of Thailand Chiang Mai, as well as to the southern border of Laos.

In Nikhon ratchasima you can also drive with hwy224 to Chulalongkorn, the capital of the southernmost province of Thailand Chiang Mai, as well as to the northern border of Laos.

More About Nakhon Ratchasima

More About Nakhon Ratchasima